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Drs. Nathen Ellis and Gary Hubbard of Denver, NC, are dentists of Denver Dental Arts who help patients achieve their dream smiles with general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry. One way to brighten the smile’s appearance and improve self-confidence is with professional teeth bleaching. Teeth whitening treatments are popular at our practice and are the best way to whiten teeth.

The teeth whitening solutions available at Denver Dental Arts

Our team is pleased to provide in office teeth whitening, and take-home whitening kits for patients to use in the privacy of their own space while ensuring dramatic yet gradual results. With the take-home whitening kits, patients receive a custom set of whitening trays created from impressions of their natural smile. Then, patients leave the office with a professional-strength bleaching gel. The gel is administered into the whitening tray and worn for a specific period of time each day. With proper and consistent use, patients can achieve a brighter smile in just a few weeks. The whitening trays and gel are more effective at whitening the teeth than other trays and products available in the local drugstore oral healthcare aisles while reducing the risk of sensitivity.

What are the advantages of professional teeth whitening kits?

  • Precision fit with trays made from impressions of the smile
  • Effective whitening of the teeth with gradual improvements
  • Reduced risk of sensitivity
  • Professional and long-lasting results after regular use
  • Ability to touch-up the smile in the comfort of one’s own home

Who is a candidate for teeth whitening?

Patients should be aware that the professional whitening treatment available at Denver Dental Arts is best used for patients who do not have dental restorations in their smile. This includes dental crowns, dental bridges, or dental veneers. These porcelain restorations are not impacted by the whitening product and may stand out after treatment if not replaced.

Ready to learn more about professional teeth bleaching?

Visit Denver Dental Arts in Denver, NC, to discuss candidacy for our in office teeth whitening, or take-home whitening kits available at our state-of-the-art facility at 7206 Austin Smiles Court, Suite #103. Call (704) 908-6969 to request an appointment with Drs. Nathen Ellis and Gary Hubbard. The team services patients in and around the communities of Sherrills Ford, Maiden, Hickory, Lincolnton, Stanley, Terrell, Westport, and Moorseville, NC.

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