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Drs. Nathen Ellis and Gary Hubbard are Denver, NC area dentists at Denver Dental Arts who believe in providing optimal care for new and existing patients. This includes the most conservative choices to maintain natural teeth whenever possible. When certain problems arise with one or more teeth, it may be time to seek dental assistance to restore the smile and maintain good oral health. One of these treatments is that of root canal therapy, also known as “endodontic treatment.”

What is a root canal?

The root canal procedure is the treatment performed to save a natural tooth that might otherwise be extracted permanently. This treatment often gets a negative reaction from patients as they believe it is a painful treatment performed by dentists. In fact, it is the pain of the infection that brings patients to our practice, and root canal therapy actually removes the pain. This is due to removing the nerves and blood supply of the tooth during the procedure, which deadens the tooth but leaves the remaining structure. Removing these elements within the dental pulp can result in weak or brittle tooth structures, often remedied by fabrication and placing a porcelain crown over the tooth.

How to save a dying tooth

  • Request an evaluation when problems arise.
  • Evaluate the benefits of undergoing root canal therapy vs. permanent extraction.
  • Place a dental crown over the treated tooth to extend its longevity and protect it from breakage.
  • Visit the dentist regularly to ensure the tooth structure underneath the crown is healthy and protected.

Learn how to save a dying tooth

In most situations, dentists will want to maintain the patient’s natural teeth whenever possible. With root canal therapy, Denver, NC area dentists can do just that. If you need root canal therapy and want to find a dental practice that puts your needs first with affordable dentistry, call Drs. Nathen Ellis and Gary Hubbard of Denver Dental Arts to find out more. Call (704) 908-6969 to request a consultation appointment at 7206 Austin Smiles Court in Suite #103 today. We accept new and current patients in our state-of-the-art dental facility.

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