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What is a crown?

A crown is a procedure in which a natural tooth is ground down and the remaining tooth is “capped” or completely covered up with a very realistic appearance of a tooth. A crown could be made up of one of these four common materials:

  1. Ceramic – These are usually used on front teeth due to the material’s ability to blend with a patients’ natural tooth color. It is composed of a porcelain-based material.
  2. Porcelain-fused to metal – This crown is a stronger, sturdier bond because the porcelain is fused to a metal structure.
  3. Gold alloys – Gold, copper and other metal make up this crown. This material is very strong and is resistant to breakage and wear and tear.
  4. Base Metal Alloys – This crown is a mix of non-noble metals that are resistant to corrosion and needs the least amount of healthy tooth to be removed before filling.

Dental professionals know which type of crown will be best for their patients, so Dr. Ellis will select the most appropriate material for your specific situation.


A crown strengthens a damaged tooth, as well as improves the appearance of a tooth. Crowns often boost a patient’s self-confidence about their smile. Additionally, crowns can improve the shape, alignment and bite of one’s teeth as well as strengthen teeth.

Why would someone need a dental crown?

  1. If the patient has a broken or deformed tooth.
  2. If the tooth has a weakened enamel structure.
  3. If a root canal has been performed and the crown is used to cover the tooth.
  4. If the patient would simply like to improve their cosmetic appearance due to dead or out of alignment teeth.

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