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All Levels of Sedation – Sedation Dentistry Denver NC

Dental phobia is much more common than patients realize. Patients of all ages may have a fear of the dentist for various reasons. Regardless, Drs. Nathen Ellis and Gary Hubbard of Denver Dental Arts work routinely with patients who are uneasy about visiting the dentist’s chair. If you deal with dental phobia and live in the area of Denver, NC, our team welcomes you to learn about all levels of sedation available with our sedation dentistry services.

What types of sedation are available?

Sedation allows patients who are nervous or unsure about having dental work done to have a positive dental office experience. The two levels of sedation we provide include:

  • Oral conscious sedation – oral conscious sedation is one way for our team of professionals to help put patients at ease. Prescription medication is filled before the appointment, and patients take their medication approximately one hour before they are transported to our facility for their dental work. Patients are awake, coherent, and able to ask and answer questions during treatment while fully relaxed. Patients are transported back home to rest and often awaken with little memories of their appointment—but with their dental work completed. This is great for patients with mild to moderate levels of anxiety.
  • IV sedation – for patients who need a deeper level of sedation for higher, more severe levels of anxiety, we offer IV sedation.

Discuss your sedation needs with our Denver, NC dental team

Sedation dentistry is available for patients who visit our practice for any and all procedures, even routine checkups and cleanings. If dental phobia has kept you from maintaining routine contact with your dental team, come to the practice where we provide judgment-free care. Drs. Nathen Ellis and Gary Hubbard are dedicated to providing the best possible care for new and established patients at Denver Dental Arts. Call (704) 908-6969 today to request an appointment at our facility, located in Suite #103, at 7206 Austin Smiles Court.

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