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Protect your smile with dental sealant treatment in Denver, NC

There is power in prevention. At Denver Dental Arts, we provide a range of preventive services, from routine cleanings to “deep cleanings” with scaling and root planing. One of the most powerful ways to protect against tooth loss is by applying a sealant in Denver, NC.

What are sealants?

As its name suggests, dental sealants “seal out” food debris and bacteria that produce tooth decay. Cavities and other types of decay are some of the leading causes of tooth loss. Some teeth are at greater risk of developing tooth decay than other types of teeth. For instance, back teeth or molars are hard to reach. They also have an uneven and grooved surface, which tends to “trap” food. Lingering food combines with harmful oral bacteria to produce destructive acids and plaque that erode the teeth and inflame gum tissue.

Drs Nathen Ellis and Gary Hubbard may recommend the application of dental sealants to reduce your risk of developing destructive decay and gum disease. A safe, thin coating is applied to the clean and dry teeth as a liquid. To assure a strong bond between the natural tooth and the sealant, a gel-like product is also applied to “prepare” the tooth. The product adds texture, which helps the sealant better adhere to the natural underlying structure. Once the sealant is applied, it will be hardened with a specialized curing light. 

Protect your smile with sealants

There are many advantages to sealants treatment. The process itself is easy, fast, and non-invasive. It is also a proactive (rather than reactive) approach to oral health. You can avoid the trauma and associated pain and other symptoms that arise due to many dental conditions, such as a toothache caused by an oral infection or deep decay.

As a preventive service, dental sealants are affordable. Your insurance plan may cover 100% of the cost of treatment. Sealants are also a “covered” service under our Dental Savings Plan. With our low-cost, in-house membership plan, you avoid the headaches associated with insurance companies’ waiting periods, exclusions, annual maximums, and so on.

Generally, two sealants to prevent damage are at least half the single white filling cost used to repair a cavity – the more extensive the damage, the more costly the treatment. For instance, on average, a single dental crown costs at least $1,200 more than the cost of a few sealants.

Not just for children

Sealants may be recommended for pediatric patients at around the age of six when their first molars erupt. However, we can place sealants for children, teens, and adults alike. We understand how oral health needs and challenges evolve. We are there for you with preventive services to keep your teeth and gums looking and feeling their healthy best.

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