We're so thankful!

Since it is the month of Thanksgiving we wanted to voice our abundance of gratitude.

Starting up a dental practice is no small feat. It's taken almost a year and half from the start of the process to our doors opening; and honestly it's been a dream we've been waiting to come true since Dr. Ellis was in dental school, so about 8 years. With my business/finance background and his desire to make dentistry enjoyable for everyone, to deliver exceptional care, and to develop meaningful relationships, we knew this was the journey our hearts would follow.

So to say we're thankful is an understatement. This last month, since we opened our doors, has been a whirlwind. Yes, somewhat stressful getting all the final details in place. However, we couldn't be more proud of the practice we've built.  The commitment and genuine willingness of our staff to make every day the best day, the outpouring of support from our friends and families, and most of all the patients who have placed their trust in us to take care of them and their dental needs have truly given us many reasons to be grateful. Simply, we wouldn't be where we are without each of you! If we could hug every one of you, we would! Seriously =). 

As a small gesture to say thank you for your continued support, we're running a giveaway on our Facebook page, so check it out! There's a $75 gift card to Chillfire Grill up for grabs! 

We really do appreciate you all! Happy Thanksgiving from all of us Denver Dental Arts!
~Big smiles, Kariann Ellis